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Phased out over two decades ago, the Datsun marque has been revived by Nissan as a low-cost brand for emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. Datsun’s plans for India comprise three cars including a hatchback that will be unveiled on July 15 in Delhi and priced in the Rs 3 lakh range when it launches in the first quarter of calendar 2014.

Datsun Cars in India

Our Coverage on Datsun in India

  • Datsun Car News

    Datsun Go+ production commences, launch in January

    The Go+ MPV will be an entry level model which most likely should be the most affordable MPV in India
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  • Global NCAP asks Nissan to withdraw Datsun Go from India

    Says the Datsun Go's body shell is so unstable that it would be pointless to include airbags in the car
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  • Datsun Car Reviews

    Datsun Go+ Review

    The Datsun Go+ with seven seats will form a brand new segment, the compact MPV. We see how it fares.
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  • Datsun Go vs Hyundai Eon: Comparison Review

    Can the revival of Datsun with the Go be enough to go up against the might of the Hyundai Eon?
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